Compressor failure fault repair of concrete mixing station

Compressor failure can be divided into: non-return valve is damaged, badly worn piston rings, intake valves become damaged and the air filter blockage.     To determine the non-return valve is damaged, the compressor automatically shut down after just ten seconds, turn off the power, the hand plate moving big belt wheel, if you can more easily turn a week, then the check valve is not damaged ; on the contrary, the non-return valve has been damaged; Alternatively, you can switch the exhaust vent of the case following pressure from the automatic to be judged, generally should be automatically shut down after the compressor stops after ten seconds or so exhaust, If you have been in the exhaust when the compressor is started again until it stops, then the check valve is damaged, replace.     When the concrete mixing station compressor pressure rise slowly and accompanied by a string of oil phenomenon, show piston ring compressor badly worn and should be replaced.     When the intake valve damaged or clogged air filter, air compressor pressure will also rise slowly (but no train oil phenomenon). Inspection can be put onto the palm of the air filter inlet, if there is heat outside the top, twin shaft js500 electric concrete mixerthen the intake valve is damaged and must be replaced; if suction is small, usually caused by dirty air filter, Filters should be cleaned or replaced.

Concrete mixing station classification difference between what  

Concrete mixing plant can be divided into fully automatic and semi-automatic type. But do not misunderstand the automatic and manual. In fact, concrete mixing station that the difference between these two classifications of different control systems:     1, concrete mixing station automatic control system to operate with just one click, it will automatically unload materials from cement silo to the screw conveyor, in the uniform in the weighing hopper by a screw conveyor, and then automatically unloading the concrete mixer, the Just point at the entire production process operation will be done automatically, very simple and convenient to use, saving manpower. 2, concrete mixing station centralized control system is done step by step, such as concrete work on the material, the material on tap on a button, then the materials will be transported automatically to weigh the trunk, on the point of yhzs25 mobile concrete batching plant on sale discharge when required Click discharge button will automatically unload material to a blender, centralized control system needs more people to participate.

Market situation concrete mixing station

The current production of concrete machinery industry enterprises about not less than 200, has formed a multi-family, multi-species specifications of the situation. Whether concrete mixers, concrete mixing station, concrete mixing truck or pump (pump) until the product, in addition to large-scale and high-tech models, conventional products can basically meet the construction needs. Production conditions the manufacturers generally improved production capacity and further enhanced. The number of foreign concrete machinery imports declining, 120m3 / h or less mixing station, 125m3 / h or less pumps and mixers and other domestic equipment has dominated.    Our concrete mixing stations and transportation machinery even though performance has been greatly improved, but more in terms of reliability compared with foreign countries there is still a gap, mainly reflected in the aspects of supporting electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic components. Foreign concrete mixing station reflects off mechatronic technology, its micro-control technology is fully automatic concrete mixer ac 230v power supply mature and reliable, the ratio of the material, the capacity of change control is very precise; some concrete mixing station also adds dynamic load Monitoring of mixer, concrete material consistency control, dust, elimination sound, wastewater treatment and other means; concrete pumping technology matured, the maximum horizontal pumping distance of 4000m, the pumping capacity of 180m3 / h; enhance product versatility. In recent years, many manufacturers are imported high quality components, to improve the level of mixing machinery has played a very important role.

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