Detailed ingredients work on concrete mixing station

In concrete mixing station, the ingredients work is more important work. Because the ingredients often determines the quality of engineering problems. Then, work the ingredients of concrete mixing station should pay attention to what matters it? About concrete mixing station batching unit calibration. In the course of work should pay attention to the ingredients calibration unit. For the same dosing machines, different specifications of aggregates, different materials have different opening degree of calibration coefficients. Therefore, when replacing the aggregate material specifications and adjust the door opening, it must be re-calibrated dosing machine corresponding to the calibration factor. China Brand High quality mobile concrete batch plant Especially at the beginning of the service, more attention should be paid to work batching machine calibration. Units concrete mixing station ingredients should always be consistent in each aggregate batching machine specifications. Specifications will not only inconsistent aggregate fluctuations mixture gradation, and will seriously affect the mix of performance. It should be strictly enforced stockpile management, to prevent mix; at the same time, the loader hands should be careful operation to prevent mixing positions. Concrete mixing station before the start, press the "Power Warning" button to show alarm, the outdoor electric bell several times, and will not have time to determine the risk of re-boot, it could also be a warning through loudspeakers. Normal production, the occasional emergency situations can also be warned by this way. Stabilized soil mixing equipment out of the mix (to port () ratio and moisture content, sampling and analysis methods can be determined, and then the results of the analysis, again for each batching machine and precise water flow adjustment. Concrete mixing station equipment put into normal Manual brick making machinery for sale operation, shall be equipped with three skilled staff, a person in charge of the entire operation of the console equipment operation, the other two carried out the operation of equipment, rations and feeding conditions for inspections of materials, and the ensure belt run at any time to monitor and adjust. Coordinate and solve problems found in a timely manner or inform the operator to stop processing.

To reverse tapered concrete mixer analysis

Toward upgrading technology and engineering of mechanization is now gradually replaced artificial, so concrete mixer has been more and more in a variety of sizes works. Because the coagulation mixer has a simple structure, said low energy consumption mix, the material quickly, noise at work and so on. It does not have a handle handwheel. To reduce operator labor intensity, improve the degree of mechanization has played a good role. Because of its many advantages, now it has replaced the drum cartridge mixer to quickly get a wide range of applications. Concrete mixer hopper rise and fall. Jz350 inverted cone concrete mixer circuit. It works: After the feed stock into the feed hopper (such as cement, sand, gravel) with good material, the operator presses the button sB52, contactor coil is energized KMF2 pull, the upper material hoist the motor is transferred. Lifting feed hopper. When the concrete mixer hopper rose to a certain height, hopper stopper collision and limit switch sTl s fertilizer, the contactor KM "2 power release. Then hopper has risen to a predetermined position, the material is automatically poured new mini mobile concrete batch plant china manufacturer into the mixer, and automatically stopped rising. At this time the operator presses the button drop sBR2, winch system driven hopper drop until the fall to its gate and the ground level, the stopper and the collision limit switch 5T3, the contactor KMB2 power release automatically stopped falling for the next the material ready, then feed mixer is ready, the operator press 5B3, the contactor KM3 was electric pull, so that the motor is running water pumps, water supply to the mixer. Concrete mixer at the same time, time relay also be energized, to be proportional to the raw material supply (supply time determined by the time relay KT) can be adjusted according to how much raw material supply length of time, it generally takes 1-3min, time relay

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